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We all have issues on our sites, some more critical than others. In order to achieve top Google rankings, you must first understand the problems that are limiting your exposure.

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SEO tools are expensive, and I mean really expensive!
For an average business, spending $2K+ per month on SEO tool subscriptions is really not a feasible option, especially when this is just for analysis and survelience.

We are strong in the opinion that value and insight must be provided first, and this is why we are using our tools to provide advanced insights that most SEO companies require massive upfront payments for.

We will be using tools such as SEMRush to crawl and report on all issues across your site, AHrefs to look up your competition scores and comparisons, MOZRank to check your domain authority.

But most importantly, we will be interpreting that data for you and displaying it all in a nice PDF site audit for you, with a tailored SEO quote (no obligation) to give you some insight about what needs to happen from there.

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Compare Competitors

Top Google rankings are not just about fixing issues on your site and inserting keywords, a major component is your website authority scores. See how they stack up!

Understand Your SEO

Build a much better understanding of what Search Engine Optimisation is and a tailored plan designed to get you to the top of the search results as quickly as possible.

  • Meta Tags
  • Duplicate Content
  • Sitemap Errors
  • Broken Links
  • Speed Issues
  • SEO Health Scores
  • Backlinks
  • Authority Scores
  • HTTPS Implementation Issues
  • Missing Tags
  • Low Word Count
  • Image Tags
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